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The FleaProtector Flea & Tick Collar is now available for cats!

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“I got this for my beagle puppy, and so far it was been working great. she has been flea and tick free.”

“Good product, seems to be working. I have not noticed any fleas on my cats. My cats did not have a reaction to it and didn’t seem to be bothered by it all.”

“I picked these up to use on our pets. So far we have not seen any fleas or ticks. They do not seem to irritate our pets. Will definitely get some more of these to see how they work at the end of summer.”

“It’s so easy to use take it out of the package and place it on your dog and your dog is protected for up to eight months. No worries about the dog getting bitten by fleas ticks or fleas leaving eggs. The collar is waterproof.”

“We have used tons of flea and tick pet washes and medicines. They worked but not well. Living close next to the woods like we do, ticks are a huge problem with our dogs. These collars have been life changing for our dogs!! They’re no longer having to deal with those irritating fleas or ticks. This is a huge money and time saver compared to our previous treatments.”

“My dog usually will not tolerate most flea collars but he has no trouble with this one.”

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